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A firm believer in authenticity, I did not feel as though I would stay true to this important value if I didn't give you a small view into my own world. If you would like to know more about the connection you are about to make, please click the link below.

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Mental Health | Coaching

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Psychedelic Treatment



This might be one of the most courageous steps you take in your healing process, and you'll look back and remember this was the catalyst of how it all began. Start your journey toward a happier and fulfilling life now by filling out the form below. All correspondences are responded to within 24 hours. I am happy to offer you a free consultation!

Nathan looks forward to hearing from you!

17348 West 12 mile Road | Suite 202 | Southfield, MI | 48076

Phone: 248.418.1756 Direct

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Q & A

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 "After struggling with anxiety for years, I finally found the support I needed through Nathan. His compassionate and personalized approach to mental health treatment made a significant impact on my life. I gained invaluable coping strategies, and I am now living a more balanced and fulfilling life. Thank you for guiding me toward a brighter future!"

- Jane D.

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