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inner discover and a journey to self reflection and healing
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Psychedelic Treatment

I am an experienced facilitator specializing in psychedelic treatment and trip sitting. Welcome to a realm of healing and self-exploration. As a trusted companion on your journey, I combine expertise in mental health, psychedelics, and therapeutic support to create a safe and comfortable space for ground breaking self-exploration.


In gentle guided hands psychedelic treatment becomes a personalized and intentional experience. Whether you're exploring the realms of psilocybin, MDMA, or other entheogens, I am dedicated to ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment, fostering an atmosphere of trust and openness.


With a client-centered approach, I collaborate with individuals to understand their intentions and treatment goals, providing tailored guidance throughout the entire process. From comprehensive trip preparation to thoughtful integration, I am committed to maximizing the potential of each psychedelic journey that one experiences.


Beyond trip sitting, I incorporate a holistic perspective, recognizing the profound impact these experiences can have on personal growth and mental well-being. By combining mental health principles with the unique insights offered by psychedelics, I facilitate a space where healing, understanding, and transformation can unfold.


Come with me and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. where the integration of psychedelics and life integration creates a powerful catalyst for positive change.

PLease click here to have any questions answered you may have about psychedelic treatment and trip sitting!

Legal Disclaimer

The following information is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. It is crucial to be aware that laws regarding the use and possession of psychedelics are subject to change and may vary at the federal, state, and local levels. Always consult with a legal professional or relevant authorities for the most current and accurate information.

As of November 17th, 2023, in the state of Michigan, the possession and use of certain psychedelics may be subject to legal restrictions. It is important to note that federal law still categorizes many psychedelics as controlled substances, and individuals should be aware of the potential legal consequences associated with their possession, use, or distribution.

Michigan state law may also have specific regulations related to psychedelics, and violations could result in legal penalties, including fines, imprisonment, or other legal consequences. Additionally, the legal landscape surrounding psychedelics is evolving, with ongoing discussions and potential changes to existing regulations.

Individuals are strongly advised to research and understand the current laws and regulations regarding psychedelics in Michigan, seek legal advice, and stay informed about any updates or changes to the legal status of these substances. This disclaimer is not exhaustive, and individuals are encouraged to exercise caution and responsibility when it comes to the use and possession of psychedelics in compliance with applicable laws.

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